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What's this about?

The problem with trying to figure out how is a simple one.

The how to which we refer is the how to get something you want, the how to manifest your desire, the how to make things happen.

In truth, there is no how.

Manifesting is immediate.

Thoughts become curated things and the curation happens because of your intending and your allowing.

There is no how.

If and when you do something that appears to be a step in the direction of getting something, that is never what is, in fact, happening.

When you act because it feels better, you are an agent of your own allowing.

There is no how.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to recognize that how something happens is not a knowable thing since all manifestation is instantaneous and you're simply allowing your reality to take the shape and the form you desire.

November 19, 2022: The problem with trying to figure out how.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: November 19, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #1: The problem with trying to figure out how. 33:52
Question #1: Is it what I want or what I expect? 7:35
Question #2: What about goal-setting and chocolate sourdough cake? 19:23
Question #3: How am I able not to be involved in the how? 5:18

Sunday: November 20, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #2: The impossibility of using should to move from unwanted to wanted. 29:02
Question #4: Jack Frost is nipping at my nose and I don't like it. 15:54
Question #5: I appreciate this conversation and these questions. 5:00

Monday: November 21, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #3: There are no opposing thoughts. 23:17
Question #6: My son wants me to have a house where he comes home. 12:30
Question #7: When I think thoughts that don't feel better. 9:59

Tuesday: November 22, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #4: Beating the drum of I don't have it, how do I get it. 16:04
Question #8: What about this way of thinking that I learned from my father? 9:48
Question #9: I went on vacation and then everything fell apart when I got home. 16:48
Question #10: I have opinions about giving away my stuff. 5:04

Wednesday: November 23, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #5: There is no mechanical process. 21:00
Question #11: When it comes to work, I feel angry. 17:06
Question #12: More about the car that drives me to the next car. 11:03
Question #13: I was so inspired while I was on vacation. 21:44

Thursday: November 24, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #6: How now, brown cow? 25:45
Question #14: The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie. 18:58
Question #15: It felt better to feel better. 2:58

Friday: November 25, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #7: All manifesting is instantaneous. 15:57
Question #16: It feels right to call this man. 10:45

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