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Surrendering To Wealth

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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to surrender to that which you desire. We invite you to surrender to the wealth that is inevitable and is all around you.

You, as a being of light, are manifesting abundance in all things at all times and in all ways.

The form this abundance takes is wealth.

The wealth surrounds you.

And wealth also includes the cash you desire and that you have.

When you try to manage wealth, you don't do this very well.

But when you surrender to wealth, you are surrendering to your desire.

You do this constantly with other things you have such as breath, running water, and electricity. You have a constant demand for these things and you surrender to their inevitability. The only contrast that arises is when, briefly, they are interrupted. Then you demand more and the demand is met.

You can do the same with wealth.

Surrender to it. Demand it. Know that you have it and that more is arising.

We invite you to join us as we journey through these delicious conversations along with your powerful questions.

As always, we look forward to connecting with you in whatever way is right for you for we know that however this may happen, it's going to be quite delicious indeed.


October 27, 2022: Introduction to Surrendering To Wealth

October 29, 2022: Surrendering to wealth.

October 29, 2022: How do I have a lot of money?

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: October 29, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #1: Surrendering to wealth. 22:29
Question #1: How do I have a lot of money? 6:57
Question #2: The bullshit that comes with having money. 9:44

Sunday: October 30, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #2: Going deeper into surrendering. 25:21
Question #3: These transactions. 4:16
Question #4: He's a different person although he hasn't changed. 9:44
Question #5: It's all about my intuition. 8:08

Monday: October 31, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #3: Some practical applications of this idea. 21:34
Question #6: Is it feasible to have massive wealth without offering a service to the world? 9:38
Question #7: Not working. 16:10
Question #8: The having versus the how it will happen. 22:17

Tuesday: November 1, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #4: Letting go of the idea of what wealth should be. 14:06
Question #9: I'm having trouble making peace with this. 4:29
Question #10: This inner voice is really loud. 21:23
Question #11: There's almost an untwisting in my bones. 7:27
Question #12: I want to take the island with me. 3:34

Wednesday: November 2, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #5: Giving in to your fear of being an asshole. 24:35
Question #13: Power through vulnerability. 25:42

Thursday: November 3, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #6: More about surrendering to wealth. 13:30
Question #14: I don't like the idea of being a victim of my body. 27:52

Friday: November 4, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #7: Surrendering to the inevitability of wealth. 17:24
Question #15: I woke up happy this morning and there is no rush. 2:21
Question #16: I can stay in my land of plenty. 12:50
Question #17: I feel like I'm delaying my good. 11:45

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Surrendering To Wealth

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