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What's this about?

We've said for quite some time that everything is happening for you.

Everything is happening to your benefit and on your behalf.

This is what is true about you not because of what you do but because of who you are.

You are a being of light, expressing the unconditionality of love through your physical manifesting.

If you let yourself feel your way into this, you'll likely be quite astonished.

You may also have a whole series of thoughts that go something like this:

"Um, no, that's not true."

"I don't think so."

"If that's the case, then why did this happen?"

These reacting thoughts are the real heart of this series.

Everything is happening for you.

That includes those thoughts which would seem to say otherwise.

And that's where all the good stuff is.

So, we invite you to join us as we walk through the deliciousness of this series of conversations.

Most of all, we invite you to bring your contrasting thoughts to the table where we can help you unravel them.

And this will be quite a delicious thing, indeed!


February 19, 2022: Everything happens for you.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: February 19, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #1: Everything happens for you. 14:38

Sunday: February 20, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #2: You are sitting in the proof of how everything works for you. 15:31
Question #1: I love how time works for me. 13:58

Monday: February 21, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #3: You can declare everything is happening for you. 16:06

Tuesday: February 22, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #4: Your reality is manifesting through you. 18:03
Question #2: Can I have my relationship right now? 7:15
Question #3: I'm experiencing a lot of contrast in my work. 18:14
Question #4: I'm preparing to go on this trip in such a delicious way. 3:58

Wednesday: February 23, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #5: We suggest you tell the truth. 10:54
Question #5: I want more cash and can have more cash. 11:10

Thursday: February 24, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #6: You have no need to control anything. 14:43
Question #6: I don't have enough time to rest. 25:19
Question #7: I'm feeling a lot of anger towards my father and my ex-husband. 2:48
Question #8: Is it possible that I never have to plan anything? 7:51
Question #9: I realized I'm never going to accomplish this. 18:49

Friday: February 25, 2022

Description Length
Conversation #7: Why we are saying all this. 16:22
Question #10: I'm jealous of these other coaches. 15:00
Question #11: I suck as a mother. 14:33
Question #12: Alignment is what attracts clients. 9:06

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Everything Happens For You

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