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Wonderful Intentional Manifesting Series 2

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What's this about?

This is the second in a series of daily calls that are all about the practicality and application of the magic and wonder of intentional manifesting.

Manifesting is something you are constantly doing and the reason for everything you experience.

Intentional manifesting is what happens when you decide to put your attention on your desire and bring it forth by seeing it done as you would like to experience it.

Contrast leads to imagining. From there, you can cross the bridge into intending if you so choose and then allow yourself to have that which you are intending.

In these series, we will be discussing how this works and how your conscious and deliberate intending can be quite wonderful indeed!

October 23, 2021: Continuing wonderful intentional manifesting.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: October 23, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #1: Continuing wonderful intentional manifesting. 21:03
Question #1: I see couples doing things that I really like. 28:15

Sunday: October 24, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #2: Intentional manifesting is for giving. 30:24
Question #2: This shift is so wonderful. 10:22
Question #3: I'm pissed off in paradise. 5:21

Monday: October 25, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #3: Intentional manifesting is voluntary. 11:38
Question #4: There is so much resistance to this transition. 10:23
Question #5: I want to be more intentional. 9:01
Question #6: Allowing my beloved. 5:14
Question #7: My children used to love me unconditionally. 18:15

Tuesday: October 26, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #4: What you're doing when you're intentionally manifesting. 30:08
Question #8: I want more. 15:46
Question #9: There's this voice that I don't like. 45:54

Wednesday: October 27, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #5: Putting your attention onto your intention. 19:36
Question #10: I'll make a lot of money when I'm dead. 10:03
Question #11: When I want something, I feel like I need to be clean about it. 26:12
Question #12: I want to be a digital nomad. 13:47
Question #13: I'm feeling better about what I'm wanting. 4:36

Thursday: October 28, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #6: Intentional manifesting is intentional giving. 12:48
Question #14: I like that memory is unreliable. 8:48
Question #15: I've received signs of my beloved. 22:12

Friday: October 29, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #7: Using where you are to see the wonder in what is manifesting for you. 11:16
Question #16: Do I need to be more open and not even identify with anyone else's cash? 14:17
Question #17: I like this other car that I see all the time. 6:16
Question #18: I have some great stories about what happened. 11:53

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Wonderful Intentional Manifesting Series 2

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