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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to let go of that which you have been struggling with and that which you have been trying to manage or control.

It is a basic metaphysical truism that energy must flow.

You, a being of light, are energy.

Your thoughts, ideas, imaginings, and intendings all want to flow because they, too, are energy.

Your physical reality is energy made into temporary form moving through time.

Everything is energy.

Everything wants to move.

When you try to hold onto anything, you are impeding energy.

And you are energy.

You can let go and you can let that which you are manifesting come into form for you.

We invite you to join us in this communion of light where you will find not only words that inspire and help but also a vortex of energy that invites you to let go.

August 7, 2021: The inherent magic in letting go.

August 9, 2021: How do I use this idea of wherever, whenever when it comes to cash?

Here's what happened in this event

Tuesday: August 10, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #4: Letting go is a conscious choice. 18:59
Question #4: How do I get my stuff? 27:05
Question #5: I'm worried about going back to in-person classes. 10:50
Question #6: Dealing with my mother. 17:38

Saturday: August 7, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #1: The inherent magic in letting go. 11:19

Sunday: August 8, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #2: Giving in to worry. 16:33
Question #1: I'm worried about not being as successful as I once was. 16:15
Question #2: After I give in, then I redirect my thoughts. 22:31

Monday: August 9, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #3: Wherever, whenever. 25:15
Question #3: How do I use this idea of wherever, whenever when it comes to cash? 22:59

Wednesday: August 11, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #5: This is all about how letting go is magical. 12:43
Question #7: I can't figure out how to sustain letting go. 3:57
Question #8: I don't like what people are saying to me. 14:48

Thursday: August 12, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #6: More about giving in. 25:48
Question #9: The meaning I give to being broke. 9:49

Friday: August 13, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #7: Willingness. 14:17
Question #10: What about a specific person in a relationship? 18:52
Question #11: The most amazing people show up in my life. 27:05
Question #12: Are they really ghosts and how can I let them help me? 21:54

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