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January 23, 2021: The problem with making money.

January 23, 2021: I can't seem to not think in terms of making money.

Here's what happened in this event

Friday: January 29, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #7: There really is no problem. 9:49
Question #18: This is all wonderful. 0:51
Question #19: How can I use contrast in a healthier way? 17:06

Thursday: January 28, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #6: Projecting into the past and the future. 10:57
Question #14: I want to go to a new doctor. 14:01
Question #15: Is it reasonable to assume cash is coming? 5:08
Question #16: What's the metaphysical view of the future. 9:20
Question #17: I don't like getting into the numbers. 5:14

Wednesday: January 27, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #5: You're pushing away abundance by making money. 12:55
Question #11: I want to work half the amount and make twice as much. 9:35
Question #12: I feel the pressure that I need to make money. 10:04
Question #13: More about marketing. 12:14

Monday: January 25, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #3: The problem with connecting actions and results. 14:01
Question #6: I'm having trouble getting to one of these positions. 15:38
Question #7: How do I get off this see-saw? 4:42
Question #8: I have a question about asking questions. 10:19

Tuesday: January 26, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #4: This only happens today. 16:52
Question #9: I like being lazy. 10:31
Question #10: I'm rethinking my approach to marketing. 5:10

Saturday: January 23, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #1: The problem with making money. 16:01
Question #1: I can't seem to not think in terms of making money. 9:09
Question #2: I was thinking about the lawsuit. 2:57
Question #3: What about marketing? 18:19

Sunday: January 24, 2021

Description Length
Conversation #2: Why the idea of solving problems is so appealing. 25:32
Question #4: I want to minimize the impact of these thoughts. 9:43
Question #5: I've been frittering away. 5:03

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