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November 20, 2020: Introducing Getting Specific With Your Helpers

November 21, 2020: Getting specific with your helpers.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: November 21, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #1: Getting specific with your helpers. 23:26
Question #1: Do I really want to be in this line of work? 31:42

Sunday: November 22, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #2: Invite your helpers to come along for the ride. 24:05
Question #2: I thought I'd made this decision. 9:18
Question #3: I dreamt about one of my sons. 3:12
Question #4: I really like how this feels. 14:36

Monday: November 23, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #3: We invite you to get specific about getting specific. 18:30
Question #5: Whether to cancel this appointment or not. 7:36
Question #6: Why I'm not bringing my helpers to the party. 19:28
Question #7: Bringing my helpers to the table about how I want to feel about my work? 8:29

Tuesday: November 24, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #4: More specificity about getting specific. 20:33
Question #8: I can define how things work. 14:34
Question #9: I want them to have gone through the same thing as me. 4:12

Wednesday: November 25, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #5: Your physical reality is possible thanks to your helpers. 14:46
Question #10: It sounds like imagining and intending are controlling. 12:10
Question #11: Is there something else or is that it? 3:54
Question #12: I feel at a loss as to what to do in that space of intending. 14:49

Thursday: November 26, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #6: Your willingness. 12:10

Friday: November 27, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #7: Your helpers have tremendous affection for you. 21:47
Question #13: I don't have an understanding of my helpers but I love that they love me. 4:12

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