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October 10, 2020: The center of everything.

October 10, 2020: If I could just release them.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: October 10, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #1: The center of everything. 19:21
Question #1: If I could just release them. 14:18

Sunday: October 11, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #2: Here, at the center, everything is happening for you. 19:16
Question #2: How can I know that all is well and worry at the same time? 13:49
Question #3: Resolving this conflict. 15:04
Question #4: I worry about what's happening to my kids. 26:35
Question #5: There's nothing I need to work through. 30:26

Monday: October 12, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #3: That you don't like something or someone is a powerful thing. 16:04
Question #6: My supervisors annoy me. 25:03

Tuesday: October 13, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #4: What is practical about this? 15:25
Question #7: What about thoughts moving with me? 21:30
Question #8: Why am I not dreaming bigger? 9:44
Question #9: This is not about fixing anything. 14:02

Wednesday: October 14, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #5: Contrast is helping you here at the center of everything. 12:43
Question #10: I'll know on Saturday whether to go or not. 8:50

Thursday: October 15, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #6: Everything and everyone is here to help you. 14:16
Question #11: I want to have children. 18:26
Question #12: I want a good night's sleep. 6:26

Friday: October 16, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #7: The essence of who you are sits at the center of everything. 13:36
Question #13: I didn't do what I said I would do. 26:08

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