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The Problem With Self-Improvement

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September 19, 2020: The problem with self-improvement.

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Saturday: September 19, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #1: The problem with self-improvement. 13:05
Question #1: That feels like self-improvement to me. 4:23
Question #2: When it comes to getting feedback from others. 17:43

Sunday: September 20, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #2: Something has to be wrong for improvement to occur. 11:33
Question #3: I'll probably always want to improve myself. 8:06
Question #4: I said something I wish I hadn't. 13:20
Question #5: My friend has told me how much he disapproves of something I'm doing. 11:35
Question #6: I'm not as satisfied as I was before. 9:02

Monday: September 21, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #3: It simply feels better to feel better. 19:23
Question #7: I wasn't sure if I wanted to get out of the water or not. 17:28
Question #8: I have opinions about my daughter's project. 17:42
Question #9: What about the importance of delayed gratification? 14:31

Tuesday: September 22, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #4: This is an attempt to solve a problem you don't have. 8:49
Question #10: Stepping back from the over-analyzed life. 9:07
Question #11: Where's the knowledge of what's next? 4:07
Question #12: I don't like what happens when I give these gifts. 20:42

Wednesday: September 23, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #5: The problems seem to be endless. 18:19
Question #13: My birthday is coming up and I don't like how I feel. 7:15

Thursday: September 24, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #6: There really are no problems. 20:00
Question #14: My knickers are in a twist. 18:15
Question #15: I'm becoming increasingly intolerant of self-improvement. 17:07

Friday: September 25, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #7: You came here voluntarily. 12:49
Question #16: What about people who are suffering? 17:46
Question #17: Magpies and forever. 24:35

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The Problem With Self-Improvement

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