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Intending And Allowing Your Good

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What's this about?

In this series of daily conversations, we invite you to pay attention to both your intending and your allowing.

You are a master manifestor.

Most everything you are experiencing is exquisitely manifesting for you, right here and right now.


There may be some things happening in your life where what we've just noted seems like the furthest thing from being true:

** Your financial situation...

** The state of your health and your body...

** Your work and creative self-expression...

** Your relationships of all stripes...

** Your sense of well-being...

** Your peace of mind...

With any of these topics, we invite you to spend time with us as we explore how you can powerfully intend to have more of you do want and turn your attention away from what you don't want in this way:

** Intending more of your desired manifesting experiences...

** Allowing more of what is rising up to meet you to actually take shape...

This series, which includes 7 daily conversations, along with your delicious questions and the powerful answers they call forth will be a wonderful place where you can begin anew in whatever part of your life that may seem to have gotten off track.

In this series, we will:

** Walk through specific ways of intending that can help you further refine and define your desires...

** Explore how allowing what is unwanted is a very fast way to allow what is wanted...

** Invite you to open your mind to new possibilities, both in what you do and in what you experience...

** Offer you are very particular way of reminding you of the truth of who you are, even when you are quite convinced of something other than that...

** Invite you to bring your thorny questions about specific dilemmas (whether in person or by email).

We cannot guarantee any specific outcome.


We can guarantee that this is not nearly as difficult as you might imagine...

And, as you begin to put your attention on your intending and on your allowing...

You might find that events and situations begin to shift...

And, you might find yourself increasingly more at peace with what is, indeed, rising up to help you.

We, as always, look forward to each of our interactions with you... and very much so, indeed!


March 7, 2020: Intending and allowing your good.

March 7, 2020: What I intended didn't happen.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: March 7, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #1: Intending and allowing your good. 15:58
Question #1: What I intended didn't happen. 3:51
Question #2: This guy would be the perfect guy. 13:02
Question #3: I have to cross a bridge before I can get there. 13:50

Sunday: March 8, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #2: About intending. 33:56
Question #4: Thinking about replinishing doesn't feel better. 12:37
Question #5: The project kept stalling. 8:35

Monday: March 9, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #3: More about intending. 28:44
Question #6: Seeing myself having what I want. 9:47
Question #7: Having consistent thoughts about abundance. 8:27

Tuesday: March 10, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #4: About allowing. 13:48
Question #8: This didn't work out the way I thought it would. 19:29

Wednesday: March 11, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #5: More about allowing. 11:14

Thursday: March 12, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #6: Intending, allowing, and exquisite manifestation. 18:37
Question #9: I'm concerned about this coronavirus. 20:34
Question #10: What about manifesting with anger? 17:05

Friday: March 13, 2020

Description Length
Conversation #7: About your good. 15:48
Question #11: I'm concerned about the economic repercussions. 9:13
Question #12: I'm afraid I'll be lonely. 6:33
Question #13: What do I do next? 9:42

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Intending And Allowing Your Good

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