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What's this about?

Listen to Paul talk about this series:

This series of conversations about the manifestation of cash is not about how you get there or what you do.

This series of conversations is about what is happening right now and right here.

The manifestation of cash begins by noticing what you have and by allowing the thoughts of your having of this cash to evolve from here.

After all, as you notice what you have, you begin to notice how much more of it you have.

This is how thoughts work.

You put your attention on what you have--cash--and then you bring into focus more and more evidence of having more and more of it.

Most of all, this conversation is about where you are, which is right here and right now.

This is, after all, where all the power is.

So, in this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your questions and the delicious answers they call forth, we invite you to pay attention to how easily and wondrously the manifestation of cash is working for you, right here and right now.

As always, we look forward to interacting with you in this series and know that, as always, this will be the very best one of these to date.


December 18, 2019: Introduction to The Manifestation Of Cash

December 21, 2019: The manifestation of cash.

December 21, 2019: How can I not feel worried?

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: December 21, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #1: The manifestation of cash. 20:12
Question #1: How can I not feel worried? 13:46
Question #2: How can I make sure I don't repeat this pattern? 24:45

Sunday: December 22, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #2: Imagining yourself having an abundance of cash. 19:01
Question #3: I imagined what I wanted so now what? 7:14
Question #4: I got what I wanted and I feel bad. 5:59
Question #5: I pushed myself to send out an email. 13:13

Monday: December 23, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #3: Trying to prove a negative space. 28:00
Question #6: Can you help me have more abundance? 16:30
Question #7: Is money hiding from me? 14:29
Question #8: Am I amplifying the lack of cash? 7:56
Question #9: I saw the beautiful sunshine on the snow. 3:59

Tuesday: December 24, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #4: The practical application of imagination. 34:36
Question #10: If I don't feel the excitement for more, more is not coming my way. 10:08
Question #11: Imagining taking care of things means I have to take care of things. 15:06

Wednesday: December 25, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #5: Acting as if. 20:53
Question #12: I am wealthy. 9:50

Thursday: December 26, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #6: What do you want, specifically? 21:10
Question #13: When I imagine more cash, I'm solving problems. 14:52

Friday: December 27, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #7: What do you want, generally? 22:38
Question #14: What is the interplay between allowing and havingness? 11:11
Question #15: It looks like it's going to be a tough month. 19:00
Question #16: How can I keep from limiting the channels of my good? 16:00
Question #17: The distinction between resignation and allowing. 6:21

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The Manifestation Of Cash

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