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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your powerful questions, we invite you to bring freedom to the idea of what your body is and how it is serving you, right now.

Your body is a manifesting idea that you have brought forth.

You put your body in a restrained and contracting place when you insist that it is limited and broken.

You free your body when you tell the truth about its limitlessness and its perfection, as it is right now.

This doesn't heal anything, since you are not in need of healing.

But it can, if you are willing, move the body from its current state of perfection into one that is more open and more expansive and that feels better as you interact with it.

This is much easier than you might think.

So, we invite you to remember who you are in relationship to your body.

And we invite you to bring freedom into the story of what and how your body is and is becoming.

This can be very delicious, and feel delightful, indeed!

August 10, 2019: Freedom and your body.

August 10, 2019: I'm gaining weight and I don't want to.

August 11, 2019: What about diet?

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: August 10, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #1: Freedom and your body. 15:51
Question #1: I'm gaining weight and I don't want to. 10:56
Question #2: I want to feel more comfortable in my body. 17:53

Sunday: August 11, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #2: Opening your mind to your body. 15:12
Question #3: What about diet? 15:04
Question #4: Everyone says I'm losing weight. 6:05
Question #5: What is the difference between desire, intention, and will. 9:26
Question #6: My father told me a beautiful body was worth a million bucks. 3:44

Monday: August 12, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #3: Some practical suggestions. 22:24
Question #7: What about my body and its will? 23:38

Tuesday: August 13, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #4: Your body is not static. 16:03
Question #8: Letting my body get thinner. 8:52
Question #9: It felt better when I had an image of a different body. 4:31
Question #10: Is this the way to allow my body be what it is? 7:39
Question #11: This takes away the feeling of striving. 2:43
Question #12: I'm thinking about plastic surgery. 2:53

Wednesday: August 14, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #5: Your body is your servant. 17:18
Question #13: They'll be doing an MRI later. 12:18
Question #14: How can I use my relationship for other purposes? 5:55

Thursday: August 15, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #6: Your body is you helper. 16:58
Question #15: I loved riding that wave. 1:34
Question #16: He has a chronic and terminal disease. 14:41

Friday: August 16, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #7: Telling the truth about your body. 0
Question #17: How do I let myself let my body be what it is? 0
Question #18: I'm having this sadness about this pain. 0

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