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Will And Willingness: Cash

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What's this about?

In this series of 7 daily calls, including your delicious questions, we will be exploring how will and willingness work together, particularly as it applies to the delightful topic of cash dollars, pounds, and euro.

It could be said that will is on one side of a see-saw and willingness is on the other.

There could be nothing further from the truth than this.

Instead, will and willingness are both on the same side of the same coin and are quite complimentary.

You intend with your will.

You allow with your willingness.

We invite you to be part of this powerful, leading-edge conversation and look very much forward to connecting with you in whatever way that may be that feels better.


April 4, 2019: Introduction to Will And Willingness: Cash

April 13, 2019: Will and willingness and cash.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: April 13, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #1: Will and willingness and cash. 10:36
Question #1: What about my expenses? 8:54
Question #2: This resistance. 7:24
Question #3: Cash fell out of an envelope. 7:16

Sunday: April 14, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #2: About will. 24:46
Question #4: I was envisioning a new home and the guy. 12:51
Question #5: Why did this house and this guy manifest? 25:58
Question #6: A different view of will and willingness. 5:35

Monday: April 15, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #3: About willingness. 14:06
Question #7: The logical contradiction between having enough and wanting more. 13:11
Question #8: How can my helpers help with my willingness? 2:21
Question #9: About the pain of resistance. 17:31

Tuesday: April 16, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #4: The paradox of practicality. 17:21

Wednesday: April 17, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #5: Where the rubber meets the road. 11:20
Question #10: I think I need to go running so I can lose weight. 20:23
Question #11: I didn't need to figure out where that thought came from. 2:49

Thursday: April 18, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #6: There might be a risk here. 11:51
Question #12: What about using will to push through things? 12:09
Question #13: I let her be who she was. 12:05

Friday: April 19, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #7: The will brings it into focus and the willingness explodes it into life. 16:28
Question #14: What doing things to prevent other things? 6:51
Question #15: What about wrinkles? 6:35
Question #16: I don't like that I don't like my mother-in-law. 9:06

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Will And Willingness: Cash

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