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Giving Versus Selling

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What's this about?

You might want to hold onto your hat...

In this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your powerful questions and our delicious answers, we invite you to take an entirely new look at what has been happening when you have been selling your goods or services.

As you do this, you will be bringing yourself into alignment with your own desires and that is always a very good thing, indeed.

In this series, we invite you to see what has been going on all along: you have been giving away your goods or services.

That is always what you have done and what you will always do.

Just as, in the same way, you've been giving cash to the various butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers you've come across along the way.

And they have given you chops, cakes, and candles.

If you will step back from the fraught issue of sales and marketing and payments and transactions and see what is actually happening, you might very well open yourself up to more and more and more all the way around...

More giving of your commodities to more delighted customers...

More giving of your services to more delighted clients...

More receiving of cash dollars, pounds, and euro from your delighted customers and clients...

This is nothing new.

The giving and receiving has been happening all along.

You just might have confused sales and payments for this giving and receiving.

And, in the same way that the amplification of the cash you are having is an act of abundance while the attempt to get more money yields nothing substantive...

So to is the giving of your goods and services to your customers and clients an act of abundance whereas selling the same is very hard work, indeed.

As always, we invite you to board this train as it pleases you to do. We look forward to interacting with you in whatever way pleases you for we know, as always, that what we are giving here is the very best series of conversations we have ever given and they will be getting better and better and better, indeed!


March 16, 2019: Giving versus selling.

March 17, 2019: Giving versus receiving.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: March 16, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #1: Giving versus selling. 16:51
Question #1: I'm involved in this new real estate business. 19:35
Question #2: I give to whomever I want to give. 12:12

Sunday: March 17, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #2: Giving versus receiving. 24:27
Question #3: How do I talk about all of this? 10:07

Monday: March 18, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #3: What this all really means to you. 18:30
Question #4: How does the backstory come about? 19:30
Question #5: I have trouble with the money side of this. 5:02
Question #6: What about all these people? 5:47

Tuesday: March 19, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #4: Getting practical with this concept. 12:57
Question #7: I want more clients. 10:54
Question #8: I want more money. 10:54
Question #9: All these people appreciate my giving to them. 4:49

Wednesday: March 20, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #5: The energetic aspect of this idea. 21:44
Question #10: Should I print and mail this? 17:21
Question #11: Should I just never market myself? 12:17

Thursday: March 21, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #6: What are you giving? 20:16
Question #12: I want more cash. 10:19
Question #13: Is it helpful to visualize new clients? 21:55
Question #14: Visualizing a specific person doing a specific thing. 5:13

Friday: March 22, 2019

Description Length
Conversation #7: The language is not as important as you may think. 16:28
Question #15: I love my art. 5:51
Question #16: The tenants want to move out later. 27:12

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Giving Versus Selling

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