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Having Versus Reaching

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What's this about?

You have the world already.

It is yours and it conforms to your desire.

This is constant, consistent, and never-ending.

However, we understand that you might not believe this.

In fact, it is quite likely that you see no practical application of this idea.

As a result, it is quite possible that you often reach for that which you desire instead of allowing yourself to have it.

It's a common occurrence.

In fact, we would say that it is baked into your culture.

So to speak.

In this series of 7 delicious and delightful conversations, along with your perfect questions and the wondrous answers they bring forth, we invite you to recognize that which you have already and begin to ask yourself if reaching for what you think you don't have actually does what it promises.

As with all of our series of conversations, we invite you to join us as it feels better to you to do. We do know, as always, that this will be, once again, the very best of these series so far...


September 1, 2018: Having versus reaching.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: September 1, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #1: Having versus reaching. 28:07
Question #1: Is this really an illusion? 18:10
Question #2: Relationships with other people. 17:20

Sunday: September 2, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #2: Reaching means telling a lie about yourself. 18:07
Question #3: I've been patient but that doesn't feel good. 13:13
Question #5: The discomfort with the cash that I have. 7:12

Monday: September 3, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #3: Having and your imagination. 16:32
Question #7: It's OK for me for my relationship to be what it is. 6:51

Tuesday: September 4, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #4: There is an opening right now. 16:03
Question #8: Reaching around my relationship. 5:44
Question #10: I should own a house instead of renting. 5:34
Question #11: Noticing things being fluid when I stop trying to set something up. 11:20

Wednesday: September 5, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #5: Using the power of your imagination. 16:01
Question #12: How can someone be rich and talk about lack at the same time? 14:14

Thursday: September 6, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #6: There's always a choice right in front of you. 11:32
Question #13: It seems flat now. 5:49
Question #14: What is the intersection between the perfection of this moment and my nervousness? 10:05

Friday: September 7, 2018

Description Length
Conversation #7: Reaching for nothing. 18:02
Question #15: What is this reality? 24:53
Question #16: I want to feel better 6:34

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Having Versus Reaching

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