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Practical Havingness Of Cash

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What's this about?

If you are really interested in the experience of cash in abundance, it would help you a great deal if you would stop trying to make money.

When you are putting together a plan on how to do anything, including making money, and then you decide you must adhere to the plan because the plan, itself, will bring you what you want, you are quite literally closing off the many and varied sources of your good.

You can do this because your reality shapes itself in response to your intention.

So, when you intend to dictate the manner of how your good will come to you, you not only shut off your awareness of what is always expanding and always possible, you also make it very hard for your intuition to help you.


What if you just gave that a rest and decided, instead, to intend to have cash now and then allowed the universe of your thoughts to do its work?

What if you recognized how much you have already and allowed that to amplify?

What if you decided that having cash can happen now and it need not be a painful experience as the attempt at making money so often is?

We're not giving any suggestions as to specific action.

We're simply inviting you to open your mind to what is possible and allow that to happen for you.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your delicious questions and comments, we invite you to feel your way into something very practical: having what you desire right now.

We invite you to join us as it feels better to do for we know this will be the best of these conversations yet, as is always the case.


September 28, 2017: Directing the manner of manifestation is none of your business.

October 1, 2017: Practical havingness of cash.

October 1, 2017: How can I feel secure about money?

Here's what happened in this event

Thursday: September 28, 2017

Description Length
Preview #1: Directing the manner of manifestation is none of your business. 3:31

Saturday: September 30, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #1: Practical havingness of cash. 14:57
Question #1: How can I feel secure about money? 9:39
Question #2: Can you talk more about there being no such thing as lack? 18:47

Sunday: October 1, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #2: All about the havingness. 17:29
Question #3: I have a longstanding money problem. 14:14
Question #4: Letting go. 8:42
Question #5: This is alivening. 7:07
Question #6: It's always getting better from here. 2:54

Monday: October 2, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #3: The practicality of havingness. 12:52
Question #7: Is it OK for me to let go of worry? 7:42
Question #8: I don't like having to participate in this system. 15:46
Question #9: I like what I'm noticing about noticing. 2:57
Question #10: I can have as much as I want. 16:05

Tuesday: October 3, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #4: Looking at the bounce from cash to money. 14:57
Question #11: Can you explain intention? 27:27

Wednesday: October 4, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #5: Being present. 8:34
Question #12: What about belief and expectation? 21:34

Thursday: October 5, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #6: Honoring what you have created. 18:38
Question #13: I'm not noticing my problem as much as I did. 5:40
Question #14: Noticing the perfection of the cash I have right now feels obvious. 6:32
Question #15: How is the unwantedness in the right place and right time? 8:58

Friday: October 6, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #7: All about where your stuff is. 12:05
Question #16: I'm feeling overwhelmed. 11:40
Question #17: He's not doing what he resolved to do. 11:30

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Practical Havingness Of Cash

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