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What's this about?

No matter who you are, no matter how you get here, no matter what happened before...

Today, right here and right now, is the beginning.

You are not living out a story.

You are creating the story.

And the beginning of the story is right here and right now.

The past is gone.

You are not bound to it.

You are free.

In this series of 7 daily delicious interactions, we invite you to let yourself off the hook and to let the present be the thing that it is: powerful.

You are at the beginning of whatever you next choose.

Understanding this is helpful, but allowing this to be possible, even if you can't understand or believe it, is where all the magic and all the power is.

Today, right here and right now, is the beginning.

We look forward, from this wonderful moment, to all that will unfold through this amazing series of conversations.

We also very much look forward, from this wonderful moment, to your participation, however it pleases you to participate.

March 11, 2017: Now is the beginning.

March 12, 2017: Giving up now.

March 16, 2017: When you feel strongly that you've got to get it done.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: March 11, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #1: Now is the beginning. 8:45
Question #1: No longer having to resolve all these past happenings. 8:03
Question #2: Not being bound by my history. 1:54
Question #3: Everyone has their own blanket. 6:37

Sunday: March 12, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #2: Giving up now. 9:28
Question #4: I don't know what to do with all this help. 17:39
Question #5: This body is the perfect body right now. 16:16
Question #6: My clients are for my pleasure. 7:43

Monday: March 13, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #3: The past is gone. 10:28
Question #7: Where am I in relationship to this interview? 19:32
Question #8: Does the past spring us forward into the future? 6:50

Tuesday: March 14, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #4: Right here is where you are. 12:34
Question #9: I'm only ever at the beginning. 11:50
Question #10: All about willingness. 10:06
Question #11: I've been so surprised in the last day. 10:13

Wednesday: March 15, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #5: Letting go. 14:51
Question #12: I was accused of not being a good enough friend. 7:24
Question #13: This blanket is enough. 13:16

Thursday: March 16, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #6: When you feel strongly that you've got to get it done. 21:42
Question #14: How do I know the difference between tolerating and allowing? 3:37

Friday: March 17, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #7: As good as this is, it's only getting better from now. 11:13
Question #15: I'm more in the present moment than I've ever been. 11:40
Question #16: In this moment, there is a new beginning. 2:31
Question #17: I still have an issue with timeline. 8:31

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