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What's this about?

You are constantly directing your reality.

And, as you allow it to come into place, that which you have directed indeed does so.

There is no magic to this. It is quite normal.

However, you may not have much experience in doing so in a conscious manner.

When it comes to cash, you already have plenty (even if it is only a penny).

Your directive for cash simply amplifies your havingness of cash in a way that is conscious and can be very delicious.

Your directive may lead to powerful action, to deep willingness, or anything in between.

As you offer a directive to the universe of your thoughts, you are dropping resistance and clarifying your desire.

This is powerful stuff, indeed!

In this series of 7 daily interactions, including our directives for you that you request, we invite you to be conscious of what you actually desire and let it happen for you. The universe of your thoughts is working on your behalf. This is one way to experience that quite powerfully.

Each one of these series is delicious, and we know this one will be even more delicious than any before, because that is how these things work. They do just keep getting better and better and better.

We look forward to interacting with you on this delicious and amazing idea of your directives in whatever way is exactly right for you.


January 28, 2017: Your directive for cash.

January 28, 2017: Directive #49: The opening opportunities.

February 1, 2017: Directive #58: My amazing, wonderful, good-fortune, abundance, delight in having all of it.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: January 28, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #1: Your directive for cash. 11:40
Question #1: There's an opening here for my work. 9:23
Question #2: I want to go on this trip. 9:00
Question #3: I want more cash and more work. 8:51
Directive #49: The opening opportunities. 3:49
Directive #50: My amazing journey through the tulips. 4:25
Directive #51: The instantaneous manifestation of cash dollars right here today. 4:12

Sunday: January 29, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #2: Letting the contrast of the unwanted help you direct your reality. 12:50
Question #4: My mother is in pain. 19:18
Question #5: I've taken a career break. 7:50
Question #6: I want more. 13:07
Directive #52: The majestic abundance already present in my life. 2:55
Directive #53: My appreciation for what I have already. 3:12

Monday: January 30, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #3: Your reality is a construction. 9:44
Question #7: I want to be comfortable with supporting my children. 5:38
Question #8: How easy it is to manifest cash. 6:57
Question #9: This wonderful power to keep going forward with joy and expansion. 3:22
Directive #54: The numerous and multitudinous channels of my good. 2:19
Directive #55: How easy it is to manifest cash. 2:46

Tuesday: January 31, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #4: What's really going on in the manifestation of your reality. 14:51
Question #10: I need to keep remembering that I am thin. 18:01
Question #11: I want to pay the rent on time. 10:47
Directive #56: The perfect bite. 5:17
Directive #57: My amazing, wonderful, delicious life. 2:53

Wednesday: February 1, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #5: The directive is not the point. 14:21
Question #12: I want to stop second-guessing myself. 6:06
Question #13: I must not be doing this right. 7:11
Directive #58: My amazing, wonderful, good-fortune, abundance, delight in having all of it. 3:15

Thursday: February 2, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #6: Directing is not supplicating. 10:23
Question #14: I want to be easy in working on this project. 8:03
Question #15: I don't want to overspend. 9:40
Question #16: That was perfect for me. 1:59
Directive #59: The utter delight of living my life. 2:56
Directive #60: My directives 5:54

Friday: February 3, 2017

Description Length
Conversation #7: What you declare is true. 6:02
Question #17: What does it look like to be an adult? 5:42
Question #18: I want to know that I know what to do. 10:18
Question #19: I woke from a dream and loved the feeling. 4:20
Directive #61: The perfection of this moment. 2:22
Directive #62: My place in my reality. 2:43

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