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The Problem Of Relying On Something Else

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What's this about?

Your physical universe is constructed for you, on your behalf, and to your benefit.

Everything and everyone is present because you have called them forth.

When you rely on things or people so that you will feel better, you are literally putting pressure on your creations to do something that is not their job to do.

You feel better because you choose to feel better.

You experience wealth because you imagine wealth and allow it, following your intuition, which is what feels better.

You experience amazing relationships because you stay in alignment with yourself.

You experience wonderful wellbeing because you notice how well everything is going right now.

You experience creativity because you are choosing to plug into the source of your being and allowing it to flow.

In none of these instances, or in any other, are you reliant upon a thing, a situation, a circumstance, or a person.

You might benefit from their presence, but you are not dependent on them.

The same is true for everyone where your presence is astonishingly beneficial to others and in ways you will never truly know.

Now, this is hardly a logical conversation.

But, it is most definitely a practical conversation that is based in the metaphysical truth of who you are.

In this series of 7 daily delicious interactions, we invite you to let the magic of who you are to be that which you rely on.

Not because of what that will do, although great and wonderful things will happen as you do.

But because of how it feels.

As always, this is where we begin.

Where these delicious conversations go depends upon on you and what you bring to the table.

We invite you to let the magic of this experience happen for you and we look forward to how your intention brings this magic into being!


December 24, 2016: The problem of relying on something else.

December 24, 2016: I understand this but I'm not using it.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: December 24, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #1: The problem of relying on something else 9:48
Question #1: I understand this but I'm not using it. 8:15
Question #2: I like what happened when my sons were here. 6:40

Sunday: December 25, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #2: The issue of this kind of reliance. 12:33
Question #3: I want to get off the demented carousel of relationships. 20:20
Question #4: I love the simplicity of this. 1:28

Monday: December 26, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #3: Dealing with things. 9:39

Tuesday: December 27, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #4: There is great magic in everything. 7:52
Question #5: There are a couple of things in my life that I want to get better. 11:13
Question #6: The feeling of already having it. 4:17

Wednesday: December 28, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #5: When this happens, then I'll have that. 12:07
Question #7: I don't want to disappoint my husband. 12:11
Question #8: I'm already free. 6:28

Thursday: December 29, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #6: Basking in the wonderful things that are happening for you. 13:23
Question #9: I had a dream about a beloved. 10:06
Question #10: I had a meeting yesterday about boundaries. 16:10
Question #11: Everything is working out. 7:21

Friday: December 30, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #7: It's your choice. 6:57

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The Problem Of Relying On Something Else

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