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November 26, 2016: The magic of having.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: November 26, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #1: The magic of having. 14:00
Question #1: The theoretical and the practical. 5:45
Question #2: I want to do international seminars. 7:53
Question #3: Losing what feels better. 16:57

Sunday: November 27, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #2: The art of getting. 16:24
Question #4: Pulling the river back into the dam. 11:04
Question #5: Thinking about my new car. 23:12
Question #6: Spending all my money to get more. 5:57

Monday: November 28, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #3: Since you actually have everything. 9:54
Question #7: What about astrology? 6:06
Question #8: Where does this all come from? 15:48

Tuesday: November 29, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #4: Putting yourself at the center of your powerful creation. 10:23
Question #9: I fell back. 3:46
Question #10: Reconciling the past to the present. 15:17
Question #11: I want a new van. 23:30

Wednesday: November 30, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #5: The magic of having is in the present moment. 11:33
Question #12: I think I wasted time. 11:26
Question #13: What I want to happen next. 10:54

Thursday: December 1, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #6: Having what you have. 10:06
Question #14: Maybe I'm depressed. 3:09
Question #15: Being in this moment. 12:10
Question #16: Finding something to enjoy in where I am. 11:26

Friday: December 2, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #7: The greatest gift you can give yourself. 11:24
Question #17: I'm noticing disappointment. 11:27
Question #18: I want to live my life fully. 13:04
Question #19: This wonderful thing happened. 8:38
Question #20: I want to have what I see someone else having. 7:47

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