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September 3, 2016: Easy cash.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: September 3, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #1: Easy cash. 13:17
Question #1: I'm really good at imagining. 8:23
Question #2: Is this like moving billiard balls with my mind? 11:25
Question #3: This powerful expectation is so delicious. 4:28

Sunday: September 4, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #2: The willingness to have easy cash. 13:03
Question #4: I feel stressed about specific dates. 15:28
Question #5: I intend to have this specific cash manifest on this specific date. 16:53
Question #6: More about willingness. 8:11

Monday: September 5, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #3: The easy part of easy cash. 9:23
Question #7: I spent all the cash I had and then felt frantic. 12:08
Question #8: This is all very easy indeed. 5:57
Question #9: I want to do more of what would be called work but in a playful way. 4:29
Question #10: I want someone to take my burden away. 19:57
Question #11: Letting parents be constructs. 19:26

Tuesday: September 6, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #4: Managing your expectations. 10:38
Question #12: How do I manage the timing and deal with the people? 9:59
Question #13: This is not undoing anything that was before. 12:39
Question #14: I'm still trying to understand the right time and the right place. 12:58

Wednesday: September 7, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #5: You can have it now. 11:19
Question #15: I want this big pile of cash and I have opinions about that. 10:38
Question #16: I have a plan. 6:29
Question #17: How can I work on allowing? 10:03

Thursday: September 8, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #6: Not every question has to be answered. 11:56
Question #18: Is cash the same as oxygen and other things we consume? 15:00
Question #19: Do I need to fix my expectations on this big pile of cash that I want. 12:39

Friday: September 9, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #7: The magic in all of these conversations. 10:24
Question #20: I've been hesitant to keep money in the bank. 13:34
Question #21: How important is it for me to have faith in getting cash is easy? 11:53
Question #22: I've been looking at this single frame more deeply. 12:20

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