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What's this about?

Lazy cash is the best cash and here is why:

When you are so easy with everything that you don't care how it works or why it works, then what you create becomes like magic.

What you're doing when you're lazy with this topic of cash, or with any topic, is literally calling in the most powerful force there is: your intention.

When your intention is liberated, then magic happens.

As you let yourself off the hook for the many sins of the past, particularly around the topic of money, you will find, more and more, how easy and simple it is for cash to show up.

The laziest thing you can do is simply acknowledge the powerful desire you have for more cash, a specific form of abundance, and how inevitable those desires are in their manifestation.

It seems like this is impossible.

And, perhaps, under the old regime of how you did things, it would be impossible.

But, it is quite likely that, in these days that are good and getting better, you are really able to let yourself actually have what you actually want.

And lazy cash is all about that.

We invite you to the fun of seven fabulous conversations, coupled with your delightful questions and our expansive answers, as we romp and revel in the delicious idea and practicality of lazy cash.

As always, this will be the best of these conversations to date, until the next one.

May 21, 2016: There are lots of opinions about this topic.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: May 21, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #1: There are lots of opinions about this topic. 12:53
Question #1: Should I imagine having cash or spending cash? 17:52
Question #2: The allowing can happen even while I still have the guilt. 13:24

Sunday: May 22, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #2: The practical notion of lazy cash. 9:41
Question #3: I don't want to think about how my lazy cash is coming. 4:56
Question #4: I tried feeling the shame of being lazy. 7:31

Monday: May 23, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #3: The stigma of laziness in relationship to money. 8:03
Question #5: I want to move. 13:29
Question #6: I was feeling some despair about my ability to create cash. 3:53

Tuesday: May 24, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #4: There is only ever one thing to be done and it's right in front of you. 13:18
Question #8: I just want more cash. 16:00
Question #9: I don't want to try to figure it out and I like that. 7:08

Wednesday: May 25, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #5: You know what you are doing. 8:44
Question #10: I have a large debt. 12:20
Question #11: The rockets of desire and not paying debt. 11:03

Thursday: May 26, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #6: The magic in your laziness. 5:51
Question #13: What about my unconscious and limiting beliefs? 7:38
Question #14: Is this the right project for me? 7:35
Question #15: The power of this contrast. 5:04
Question #16: Timeframes. 7:51
Question #17: It's weird that I never heard about this before. 3:41

Friday: May 27, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #7: You already have what you want right now. 11:49
Question #18: I wince when I spend money. 5:07
Question #19: The idea of having everything I want. 12:06
Question #20: The relief of having a different world view. 4:22
Question #21: I'm not getting these things done. 2:57
Question #22: Why does time move so fast? 4:41

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