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What's this about?

Wealth is simply the idea of the exquisite manifestation of what you intend in the way that pleases you and at the time that is right.

Wealth can easily manifest as an abundance of anything: cash, wellbeing, delicious relationships, delightful experiences.

Wealth is also the perfect amount of these things, in the perfect way and at the perfect time.

When you have tried to capture wealth in a bottle by tying it, for example, to a bank account or the money you stash away against future disaster, it is no longer wealth.

In this powerful series of 7 daily conversations, complete with your questions and the delightful answers they bring forth, we are inviting you to unbind your wealth from any idea that tries to hold it in place in the name of reasonableness, security, or protection.

This is not a quest that will have a pot of gold at the end.

Rather, this is an invitation to open your mind and begin to truly accept the wealth that is already yours as you continue to make decisions for more of it.

Through this series of conversations, we will be reminding of what is actually going on here metaphysically and how that applies practically to your physical reality:

  • The game is up for the protection racket...

    And this is your opportunity to change your mind about what wealth is.
  • Security is no longer paying off the way it used to...

    And now you can see how trying to stay safe has actually hurt you instead of helped you, by delaying what you actually intended to have.
  • Reasonable is no longer the guiding principle it once was...

    And now you can let your powerful thoughts fly and become the wonderful expanded ideas in both essence and form that they are destined to become.

As with all our conversations, you know whether this is the right one for you or not.

And, as always, we look forward to connecting with you through this series of delicious and powerful interactions.


April 2, 2016: Conversation #1: There is always more to be had.

Here's what happened in this event

Saturday: April 2, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #1: There is always more to be had. 17:43
Question #1: My relationship with my brother. 10:10
Question #2: My knees still hurt. 14:19
Question #3: If I follow these instructions, then I get what I want. 7:26
Question #4: Trying to fix a problem. 6:34

Sunday: April 3, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #2: Letting the vibration carry you. 20:03
Question #5: Unbinding my red luxury car. 9:23
Question #7: The intensity I feel about not getting what's due. 9:14

Monday: April 4, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #3: Using the contrast to unbind your wealth. 11:50
Question #8: I'm considering what I actually enjoy about exercise and cash. 7:29
Question #9: Unbinding my wealth from obligation. 7:55
Question #10: More about the logic of the if, then construct. 6:45
Question #11: I want to buy new comfortable chair. 10:11

Tuesday: April 5, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #4: Unbinding yourself with appreciation. 10:58
Question #12: How am I making things change? 10:22
Question #13: Letting myself off the hook. 4:19
Question #14: Why do I sometimes wake up depressed in the morning? 11:37

Wednesday: April 6, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #5: You are in the midst of experiencing unbounded wealth. 13:45
Question #15: Between the rock of adorable kittens and the hard place of a husband. 9:30
Question #17: How can I let go of these unwanted thoughts about my ex-husband? 28:02

Thursday: April 7, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #6: Where the rubber meets the road. 14:58
Question #18: I have kidney stones. 4:45

Friday: April 8, 2016

Description Length
Conversation #7: Taking possession of what you have created. 12:09
Question #19: I'm realizing the power of seeing fat as helpful. 2:36
Question #20: I have to sleep on it to make a good decision. 5:13
Question #21: They made me change my name. 10:21

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