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What's this about?

Is there something or some idea that you are protecting?

When you protect something, you are quite literally shining a light on it and drawing to you unwanted aspects that would appear to attack or assault the thing: be it an idea, a situation, a relationship, or an object.

In this powerful series of 7 daily conversations, complete with opportunities for questions, directives, and rampages, we will invite you to begin to turn away from the thoughts that claim you need to maintain the protection of anything and turn towards the true thoughts of freedom, abundance, and delight that are your for the having, right now.

Whenever you are plunging yourself into the protection racket, you are claiming that something is not able to actually be what it is: your amazing creation.

You are declaring its fragility, when it is actually quite strong and flexible.

You are declaring its poverty, when it is actually quite prosperous.

You are declaring its hiddenness, when it is actually quite obvious.

The more you protect something, the more you are actually keeping it captive.

You are not letting the thought, the idea, the situation, the circumstance, the relationship, the characteristic to evolve on its own, as it is quite capable of doing, being your magnificent creation.

As you go through this series of conversations with us, we invite you to bring any topic to the table.

And, as you do, it is our intention that you will allow yourself to liberate that which has been captive to the protection racket and go forth with the clarity and awareness that you are now yourself liberated and can actually feel it and experience the expansion this awareness brings with it.

We are not guaranteeing, for we certainly could never do such a thing, that actual, tangible physical experiences will arise from this freedom.

But we can promise that you, yourself, have that capacity and the key is not to clamp down on things, but rather to open up and liberate them, whatever they may be.

January 9, 2016: Conversation #1: It would be a shame if something should happen...

January 9, 2016: Excerpt #1: A walk through the woods


January 9, 2016 It would be a shame if something should happen...
January 10, 2016 The blame game.
January 11, 2016 Paying the premium for this insurance.
January 12, 2016 When two rackets collide.
January 13, 2016 You do know what you're doing.
January 14, 2016 There is a reason you are here where you are.
January 15, 2016 All is well is always true.

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