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What's this about?

When we use the word breakthrough, we are referring to your own yielding to your own desire.

In this powerful series, we will be going into some very delicious places where your allowing really is the key to the having of what you intend to have.

We invite you to get on board this train as it feels better to do so.

It is going to be quite a delicious ride indeed!


December 19, 2015: Breakthrough Conversation #1

December 19, 2015: Question #3: The relief of not running amok.


December 19, 2015 Breakthrough is not the same as breakdown.
December 20, 2015 Opening into the light.
December 21, 2015 Allowing what you actually intended.
December 22, 2015 The evolution of thought.
December 23, 2015 These massive desires and this small pinhole.
December 24, 2015 Walking among giants.
December 25, 2015 The evolution of thought.

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