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What's this about?

Whether it's what feels better right now to be thinking or whether it is deciding what to do next, there is a bit of an art to applying intuition.

Intuition is not a skill you can learn; it is something you already know.

Intuition is how you think.

Infinite Intelligence is constantly serving up thoughts and those that feel better to you are helping you amplify or decide for more while those that feel worse are helping you by offering you the opportunity to change your mind about whatever the conflict of the contrast happens to be.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to explore the very personal art that you have of using intuition fully to your benefit.

In so doing, you will undoubtedly discover that you have been using intuition all along.

You will also discover that there is nothing esoteric or mysterious about intuition.

In fact, it is our intention that you remember what you have known all along: that you are the extension of Unconditional Love and intuition is how that amazing Source speaks to you, in every moment of every day and in every situation along the way.

We invite you to bring your tangled thoughts as well as your clear ideas and to workshop them with us for the express purpose of discovering how to use your applied intuition very much for your benefit and in specific more expansive ways than you can imagine now.

In other words: in this series you will have a delicious opportunity — a number of them, in fact — to realize and recognize the single most important tool at your disposal, which is quite simply your ability to discern your vibration.

The premise is simple:

  • Thoughts that feel better are expansive and are amplifying and enhancing whatever the topic is in your life and your experience...
  • Thoughts that feel worse are the contrast that Infinite Intelligence is serving you so that you can make new decisions about whatever the topic is...

Or as we've said before:

  • Feels better is the green light that says go
  • Feels worse is the red light that says no

We invite you to come play with us and to enjoy this amazing workshop opportunity in exactly the way that is right for you.

October 31, 2015: Applied Intuition #1


October 31, 2015 What intuition actually is.
November 1, 2015 Applied intuition and inspired action.
November 2, 2015 How you are in your world.
November 3, 2015 The expansion of unconditional love through you.
November 4, 2015 Applied intuition means that you make a decision.
November 5, 2015 What's after the better-feeling thought?
November 6, 2015 Everything and everyone is helping you.

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