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What's this about?

What is wealth?

Wealth means something unique to each person.

Wealth may mean abundance of cash.

Wealth may mean abundance of vibrant health.

Wealth may mean abundance of delicious relationships.

Wealth may mean abundance of engaging and delightful self-expression in work and in play.

Wealth may mean all of the above and even more.

Why a third series?

First and foremost: the better it gets, the better it gets! And this topic just keeps getting better and better!

In this, our third series of seven daily conversations on this very delicious topic, we invite you to find the alignment within yourself that is calling out and can be defined and refined by giving your directive to the universe of your thoughts.

This series will be focused on what it means to give your directive, how it feels as you do so, and what you can do with each directive as you move forward through your days.

You certainly do not need to be familiar with the topic in order to benefit from this series, however sample material is provided below to help you engage as deeply as you desire into what you can do with this series, starting now.

Special addition to this series

In this series, we will be offering any who are interested specific coaching in creating a directive on any topic.

This will be available each morning for 1 or 2 participants.

If you cannot be on the call live, you can certainly send a note with a request.

And, there are two workshops for this series, wherein you could certainly work with us on your directive at that time.

As we said before...

There really is no reason to wait for this experience.

We are not talking about jumping in to the deep end of the pool.

We are talking about taking this moment, right now, and deciding to direct your reality to produce reams of evidence of your wealth already in place and increasingly getting better and better.

We could also call this experience the fulfillment of unconditional love, but we don''t think we would quite get your attention in the same way.

And that, in many ways, is the point.

This series of conversations is specifically for the practical application of the astonishingly magnificent unconditional love that you are and are here to experience in these very physical ways.

Unconditional love is offering you endless abundance of anything you direct your attention to.

And, being the one who directs and creates, wherever you point your attention is where you get to reap the many benefits of whatever you focus on, including things you don''t like.

So, if you have been experiencing an abundance of lack, we invite you to turn that around by joining us for the adventure of your lifetime: abundance in all things delicious by giving the directive for wealth!

As always, our invitation is that you primarily follow what feels better, wherever that may lead you. Everyone wins when you do!

September 9, 2015: Your Directive for Wealth PDF Preview

September 12, 2015: Your Directive for Wealth Series 2 #1

September 19, 2015: Your Directive for Wealth Series 3 #1

September 19, 2015: Directive #17: Being tuned in to the expansion of my good


September 19, 2015 What wealth actually is.
September 20, 2015 Wealth is a vibration.
September 21, 2015 Wealth is everywhere around you.
September 22, 2015 Wealth is right here and right now.
September 22, 2015 Your Directive for Wealth Series 3 Workshop #1
September 23, 2015 Wealth is in contrast.
September 24, 2015 Wealth is an orientation.
September 25, 2015 Liberating the thought of wealth within yourself.

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