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What's this about?

We know that there is a semantics game around the words Wanting and Having.

A semantic literalist, mindful of their own creation, would never say Wanting. For this word means a state of unfulfilled desire.

And we don't disagree with this, on its face.

However, the Universe of your thoughts, arranged by Infinite Intelligence, knows nothing of language.

All of your creation is in vibration first.

Then it is translated to physical form, including language.

However, it may very well be that you may be holding things up that you would otherwise want to experience because you are still Wanting whatever it is.

We don't put a lot of emphasis on this because we don't want to engage the semantics game. It holds no interest for us since we do not use language ourselves. That is translated for us.

But, in this very powerful workshop, we invite you to consider the state of your desire and what you are creating and to look at the question of Wanting vs Having.

There are times when Wanting feels better.

There are times when Having feels better.

Either way, it's what feels better that matter, since that is Infinite Intelligence delivering the very next thing for you through you intuition and giving you what you actually want.

So, let us take a bit of time to discuss this with you.

And do bring us your questions about your own quandaries about Wanting vs Having.

We intend that you will find great relief in the conversation and some delicious sorting out of your own creation in your mind and, perhaps, some delightful manifesting as a result.

We know, regardless of what you do with this conversation, that you will undoubtedly find something powerful, useful, and applicable as a result.

We look forward to sharing the adventure of this experience with you!


June 22, 2015 Wanting vs Having Series 1

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