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What's this about?

In these Days and Nights of Wealth and Wellbeing, we invite you to connect deeply, at any time, day or night, to the Wealth and Wellbeing that are yours because of who you are.

You see, as an extension of Unconditional Love, you are entitled to Wealth and Wellbeing in a way that the word entitled cannot accurately convey.

We invite you to bask in our messages about your natural state of Wealth and the glorious delight of Wellbeing whenever you should so choose.

These daily messages will all be about the various ways in which you are the very expression of Wealth and Wellbeing, should you so choose.

And in that choosing, we will share with you our thoughts, from our expansive non-physical perspective, as to why your choice is the only one that will likely ever feel right.

In the experience of Wealth and Wellbeing, something very unique to you will arise. No one else will have the same experience of these expansive vibrations as you will.

This is simply how the Unconditional Love that you are finds itself in expression, evolving and expanding through you, and your wonderful and glorious desires.

We invite you to give yourself the gift of these daily messages and to bask in what they offer.

Our intention for you is, as always, that you may have the experience of actually having what you actually want.

For this is your moment-to-moment destiny: to be on the leading edge of your own amazing physical reality and to enjoy the Wealth and Wellbeing that you actually are.

May 11, 2015: Days and Nights of Wealth and Wellbeing Series 1 #1


May 11, 2015 What does wealth and wellbeing mean to you specifically?
May 12, 2015 The more you give your attention to what you like, the more there is to like.
May 13, 2015 The magic and the power of following what feels better.
May 14, 2015 Giving your attention to what you already have that is working for you.
May 15, 2015 This is the opportunity to make a new decision.
May 16, 2015 Basking in how good things are right now.
May 17, 2015 What brought you to this moment is exactly right.

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