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What's this about?

We invite you to join us each evening over the course of seven days as we walk into the deliciousness of the sleep that you are about to embark upon.

Restfulness and sweet dreams are what we bring our focus to, along with the intention that you will have a peaceful night and awake refreshed when you return from your somnolent wanderings.

Each time you sleep, you are leaving your magnificent reality for a time to explore the broader non-physical experience.

And when you sleep, you are letting your body relax into the most perfect rest.

And when you awake, you can return to your magnificent reality refreshed with an even-better experience of your body and know that the day will begin in the most wonderful way because that has been your intention.

In this series of evening conversations, we will be inviting you to do all of this quite easily and quite deliciously.

We look forward to wishing you very sweet dreams!

Listen to the first evening of sleepytime soothingness.


May 5, 2015: Sweet Dreams: Wealth and Wellbeing #1


May 4, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #1
May 5, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #2
May 6, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #3
May 7, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #4
May 8, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #5
May 9, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #6
May 10, 2015 Sweet Dreams Series 2 #7

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