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What's this about?

Well, this is easy, isn't it?

The contrast of noticing what you want to create more of gives birth to desire which must come into manifested reality and there you have it.


Well, we do notice for many of our physical friends that somewhere between the contrast of noticing and launching the desire, there is a very reasonable response:

Oh, I have enough.

Oh, I have plenty.

Oh, that will never happen.

Oh, I don't how to make that happen.

Oh, that's too much for me.

Oh, I can make do with what I have.

These reasoned responses may have once upon a time been inspired by other people and may have actually been very helpful, but we can easily imagine that their time of usefulness has passed.

Now these reasoned responses are much more like a broken record, playing the same groove over and over again.

And, it's quite possible that they are happening very, very quietly.


We don't want to wake your sleeping contrast...

Actually, we do.

We want to invite you to wake up to yourself and the truly astonishing power of creating wealth through contrast.

From where we sit, this has very little to do with what amount of money, the currency, the channel of its delivery, or whether money is even involved at all.

Wealth -- you allowing yourself to have what you actually want -- is a very delicious thing and you are innately entitled to it by the very nature of your being.

The contrast that tells you about the thoughts that you are thinking that are in conflict with the awareness and the manifestation of this wealth is what we want to harness in this series.

There is so much power to be experienced in just these small things.

It's somewhat like suddenly becoming aware of being able to generate unlimited and freely available electricity just by breathing in and out.

Yes, it's just like that.

Your very existence is the key to your wealth.

And the contrast is here to help you unlock that door.

Join us for this delicious and direct and easy conversation that is all about how to do so.

We very much look forward to connecting with you in this wonderful and magical way.

July 17, 2014: Wealth Through Contrast #2


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